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KTM Outback Rallye 2018 Feature Film

September 2, 2018

Are you ready for the NEXT LEVEL of Adventure? For the third annual KTM Australia Adventure Rallye, we are going far beyond anything we have done before.

So read the promotional copy for the 2018 KTM Outback Run Adventure Rally. The event ran in June, so, unfortunately, it’s already happened…however, Adam Riemann and the team from Motology Films shot a full-length feature film tracking the rallye over its six days of solid riding.

And as usual from these guys, it’s outstanding. If this video doesn’t inspire you to buy a KTM and adventure, we’re not sure what will!

Watch the film above or full-screen on the Motology YouTube channel.

KTM is going great guns with their Adventure Rallye global events. In addition to the Australian one, there’s four more coming up this year – USA, Canada, KTM 790 Adventure and New Zealand.

Find out more on the KTM Adventure Rallye website.

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